How can we support your workplace wellbeing?

We work with organisations to give workplaces the confidence to connect with their staff as human beings, and to work together in a more natural and compassionate way – creating a place where everyone can thrive.

Bespoke wellbeing strategy

Reflective practice

Workplace Wellbeing

We focus on relationships, on processes that feel human and approachable, and on well-supported and connected teams. Our services include employee counselling, training for all levels, supervision, crisis intervention and a complete workplace wellbeing strategy that starts from the ground up.

23.3m working days are lost a year because of stress, burnout and general poor mental health. Organisations are complex and unique; there’s no one-size-fits all answer. That’s why our approach is tailored to how you work, and your workplace culture.

Good work environments allow employers and employees to reflect safely and honestly on their work, relationships and workplace culture. From there, you can co-create the conditions for good communication, positive working relationships, and staff who feel valued and listened to.


Working together

Expert guidance

Our team are experts in mental health and culture change. We can guide your organisation to create a workplace built on compassion.

Valuable learning

We can help train and inform your leadership team, offering a more complete understanding of mental health and workplace wellbeing.

Greater Wellbeing

Our approach will equip your employees to support their own wellbeing and that of others.

Better business

Fostering a mentally healthy workplace environment leads to a greater sense of wellbeing in the organisation, helping boost retention and reduce sickness absence.

Social impact

Any surplus that we make is channelled back into the Platfform charity, helping us deliver a greater impact for mental health and social change.

We have worked with many organisations across all areas of the private, public and third sector

"I found the training extremely useful and it was delivered in such a way that it was in depth and covered a lot but it was easy to follow and explained brilliantly"

"Mental Health & Wellbeing can be a sensitive topic but it was approached with respect, understanding & informative. I encourage more companies to have these workshops in general"


"My therapist made me feel comfortable and provided support without judgement. She made me feel at ease to talk about some very heavy topics but gave me space to talk about the smaller struggles too"


Our approach

Everything that happens to us has an impact on our wellbeing, and we each have unique experiences that affect our mental health differently. No two people or organisations are the same. Understanding this is the starting point for creating a workplace culture that fits your unique organisation, and supports your whole team.

Mentally healthy environments

How we work

We focus on relationships, humanising processes, and creating a compassionate workplace culture. Key to our work is understanding the mental health impact of our life experiences, relationships and the social contexts we live in. It’s the basis for the role organisations play in creating environments where people thrive.  


What makes us different?

We want people to feel psychologically safe at work. It’s the starting point for connection, agency, trust and feeling that there is meaning to your work. We ensure that learners leave our tailored programme feeling confident that they can support others, know when to ask for specialist info, and nurture their own wellbeing.  


Get started today

We know that each workplace is as different as the people who work there. Each organisation has its own ways of working, and a unique culture.


That’s why our workplace wellbeing programmes are tailored specifically to you, based on the needs of your teams and employees. It’s all based on a collaborative process of getting to understand what makes your organisation tick.