What is supervision?

Supervision involves ongoing professional learning and development, where people can reflect personally and enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise through regular support and collaboration with another professional.

It’s also a safe space to share personal concerns and vulnerabilities focusing on support and preventing burnout in an environment of trust offering the opportunity to offload in complete confidence. To ensure people consider their own wellbeing as well as personal and professional development.

In this dedicated time for discussion, we celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and explore exciting growth opportunities. It’s a way to ensure we keep doing our best work and learn valuable lessons from our experiences.

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What are the benefits?

Supporting people through challenging times can impact the emotional wellbeing of professionals themselves, whether that’s hearing a traumatic experience or delivering bad news. Over time, this can lead to stress and burnout.

Group or individual supervision is all about being proactive and staying ahead of any issues before they become unmanageable. When done routinely, supervision supports good working relationships and improved communication, which in turn can ease workplace stress.

We offer different supervision models, to ensure a tailored, supportive environment for your staff’s needs, helping them thrive in their roles.

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What happens in supervision?

Our qualified supervisors provide a safe, supportive space for people to reflect, explore personal development, raise issues, and discover new ways of managing. It gives the space to:
supported staff

Discuss Work processes

What’s going well and what isn’t? Address any difficult work issues in an open and honest way rather than focusing on blame and criticism.


Reflect personally

Openly discuss personal concerns and vulnerabilities in an environment of support and trust.


Identify Areas to develop

Celebrate achievements and discuss areas you would like to grow through personal development

“When we want to understand what is happening with ourselves and others when we do difficult work, we need to think of both: outside our organisations, and inside. To do that, we need to be reflective, and open to understanding the way we work”

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Frequently asked questions

Clinical supervision can be more structured and includes safeguarding. Can talk about your own stuff and reflect personally. The impact it has on you. Personal development. Your personal impact.
Reflective practice is about work and what happens in a workplace such as work processes.

Professional supervision stands apart from line management and formal appraisals, which primarily ensure compliance with organisational and professional protocols. Unlike these processes, supervision isn’t about evaluating someone’s capabilities.

Line management typically assesses performance in areas like resource and time management and is usually led by a line manager annually.

Supervision, however, is all about supporting and enhancing an individual’s practice by providing a safe space for reflection and review. In this setting, the supervisee takes the lead, identifying their own training and development needs. Importantly, supervision should happen regularly to ensure ongoing support.

Supervision can be both face to face and online depending on your preferences.

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