Crisis intervention for challenging times

Is your team experiencing signs of organisational burnout? Are there high rates of sickness or an increasing number of staff conflicts?

Our psychologists and network of associated consultants can help you develop your team’s understanding of how to establish healthy work practices and adopt a trauma-informed approach to working together as a team and with the people you support.

From here we are able to offer sustainable and accessible workplace training, supervision and consultation services to support you and your workforce.

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How does this work?

We recognise overcoming organisation challenges requires more than individual-focused methods. We take a holistic approach that combines organisational-level interventions with person-directed strategies. Our professionals run baseline assessment sessions with your teams or individuals as part of a comprehensive four-point approach that is trauma-informed and relational-focused.

Through this process, we can understand the dynamics and culture of the organisation, enabling us to tailor appropriate solutions. These interventions may range from fostering a shift in company culture to implementing practical measures at a more detailed level, such as improving communication styles, establishing break schedules, or setting appropriate boundaries amongst other strategies.

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Expected outcomes of crisis intervention

Outcomes are measured alongside agreed goal setting following the formulation stage. These are constantly reviewed to measure improvement as intervention naturally evolves and takes the process in different directions. These could be to:

Lower sickness rates

offering the right support when needed.

increase job satisfaction

through mentally healthy organisations

Less complaints

and reduce the number of staff conflicts

Reflective Supervision

Reflective supervision (group or individual) is a complementary service to our crisis intervention work and can act as a preventative follow-up in the short or long term. Regular supervision supports good working relationships and improved communication to discuss issues before they become unmanageable.

Our qualified supervisors provide a safe, supportive space for people to reflect, explore personal development, raise issues, and discover new ways of managing. It gives the space to:

  • Reflect on work processes – what’s going well and what isn’t?
  • Address any difficult work issues in an open and honest way rather than focusing on blame and criticism.
  • Discuss personal concerns, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an environment of support and trust.
  • Celebrate achievements and discuss personal development.
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Group supervision can provide a valuable way for your teams to nurture relationships with their colleagues and learn to discuss any issues in a supportive environment -allowing teams to discuss any issues and develop skills through sharing information, observation and practical experience.


One-to-one sessions to discuss any personal concerns, reflect on how you work and be motivated by what is possible.


Get in touch to see how our psychologists and supervisors can support your organisation through supervision, crisis intervention or any of our other workplace wellbeing services.