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78% of UK school staff experienced mental health symptoms due to their work in 2022 and 59% of staff considered leaving the profession. Teachers are concerned over the lack of mental health resources which is fundamental for sustaining wellbeing and supporting their students during times of crisis.

We offer training programmes and peer mentoring for young people, helping them with practical wellbeing skills. Whilst our bespoke workshops and education programmes equip staff with strategies to support their own mental health and their students.

In addition, our counselling and reflective supervision services offer teachers, staff and students a safe, confidential space to talk and share their experiences.

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How can we help?

A bespoke education wellbeing programme: built together for your organisation

Classroom training: practical skills and techniques for mental health and wellbeing

Supervision: a safe space to help your pastoral care staff reflect and develop

Counselling: there for your staff, pupils, and students during difficult times

Resources: webinars , classroom toolkits, handbooks

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Expert Guidance

Our team are experts in mental health within educational settings. We can guide and support your teachers and pastoral care team to take a compassionate, trauma-informed approach to student wellbeing.

Valuable learning

We can help train and inform your senior leaders, teachers and educational practitioners, offering a more complete understanding of mental health in education workplaces.

Greater Wellbeing

Our approach will equip your staff to support their own wellbeing and that of their colleagues and students.

Meaningful Support

With teachers facing ever greater pressures from workload, teaching time, lack of resources, school inspections and changing curriculum the importance of meaningful and sustainable wellbeing support is ever greater.

Social impact

Any surplus that we make is channelled back into the Platfform charity, helping us deliver greater impact for mental health and social reform.

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Our wellbeing in education offer can be tailored specifically to you, based on the needs of your teachers, students and pastoral care staff. It’s all based on a collaborative process.



our work

Platfform Wellbeing delivered our 6-week State of Mind wellbeing programme for Ysgol Caer Elen who saw great improvements: 83% reported enhanced overall wellbeing, while 83% gained a deeper understanding of mental health.

Our external facilitators provided a safe space for pupils to connect and share their experiences. With tailored topics covering mindfulness, healthy habits, reaching out and goal-setting, the groups collaborated to find ways of overcoming any challenges they might be experiencing.

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Whether you are looking for support for students or your staff our approach is the same – compassion, understanding, and expertise. Get in touch to find out how we can help with education wellbeing.