Counselling for employees when needed

We all have difficulty with our mental health at some point in our lives. It’s part of being human.

Our award-winning team of experienced workplace counsellors can work with people facing many different mental health challenges and are available as and when your employees need them.

Our counsellors specialise in a wide range of talking therapies. This means we can offer support in lots of different situations, but sometimes the options can be confusing. We’re on hand with a straightforward assessment process, so that each person can find the therapy and counsellor that’s right for them.

A compassionate approach

Our person-centred approach is key to providing the right support to people in need. It’s not about meeting targets or following tick boxes on who we can help or not.

We address personal needs and have safeguarding measures in place to ensure people get the right support. Unlike subscription based models, our services are available on demand meaning employees can access counselling as and when they need it: online, over the phone, or face-to-face in Cardiff or Swansea.

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Our counsellors

Our diverse team of counsellors have been carefully chosen, and are registered with either BACP, UKCP or a similar official body. Our therapists work online, over the phone, or face to face in Cardiff or Swansea.

Singeta Cardiff Counsellor


Integrative Therapist


Humanistic Counsellor
Humanistic Existential Counsellor Platfform Wellbeing


Humanistic Counsellor
Mandy Counsellor in Cardiff for Platfform Wellbeing


Humanistic Integrative Therapist


Systemic Counsellor
Humanistic Integrative Counsellor for Platfform Wellbeing Cardiff


Humanistic Integrative Counsellor
CBT Therapist for Platfform Wellbeing


Integrative CBT Therapist
therapy cardiff

Workplace counsellors

We know how important it is to have the right therapist who understands you. Our Lead Counsellors first consider the needs of the individual and then pair them with a counsellor best suited to those needs.


If you’d like to provide professional counselling for employees, talk to our team about how we can work together.

We have worked with over 3000 people


"My counsellor was excellent at supporting me through difficult moments and listened carefully to my thoughts and feelings"

"The sessions really helped me understand why I was feeling what I was feeling and that has helped me hugely, as I can find a path forward with hope"

"My wonderful counsellor actively listened to all my issues without judgement and offered genuine support which helped me no end"

“Having a consistent place for me to be honest without judgement was really important to help me process the trauma I had experienced. My therapist was an incredibly important part of making me want to keep going”

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