What is reflective practice?

Reflective practice gives us the opportunity to pause, think, process, and make sense of everything happening around us. It can create clarity about what is happening, what is working and what can be done differently.

Reflective practice offers a valuable and focused space for staff members to reflect, observe, process and learn about their experiences at work. They can provide a supportive and developmental space for people to understand each other better, decision making, navigate team dynamics, and the emotional impact of their work, amongst other things.

Facilitating reflective practice groups requires a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding to provide a safe, constructive and reflective space. We understand the importance of these spaces, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of your team, staff retention, and ensuring safe environments.

reflective practice group

Why do we need reflective practice?

Organisations can work in complex, demanding and ever-changing environments. It might be with people in distress and in complex and challenging situations, leading a merger, or restructuring a service.

We can get frustrated, tired, and overly harsh. This can impact the way we work with people and our own lives. One way we can look after each other and ourselves is by making space for thinking and reflecting on how and what we are doing.

It’s about asking ourselves: what am I doing, and what am I not doing yet? That’s where being reflective comes in. It means working at different levels to understand why and how we do things, and the impact it has on ourselves and others. Ultimately, it means wanting to change things and making improvements for the future. But before that, it means having a professional space to think.

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Learning outcomes

Dynamic Environments

Every situation is different

We can work in complex human systems where every situation is different. Our knowledge, thinking and emotions are the tools we use to handle these situations.

creating a Safe Space

A Set Time

Organisations need to provide physical time and psychological environments for reflection. We need the courage to examine our experiences and actions.

Reflective mindset

Explore and Learn

We learn and develop by reflecting on and learning from experience, from thinking deeply and honestly about our work, challenging situations, and group dynamics.

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