I’m Jen. I’m a Community Clinical Psychologist and Platfform’s Deputy Director of Trauma Informed and Relational Practice.

I have a huge interest in community psychology, liberation psychology and take a holistic and social justice approach. Holistic meaning taking a mind, body, soul and circumstances view. Understanding and embracing, rather than reducing, the complexity involved in both our mental health and us as human beings.

This is particularly relevant in the workplace and is a critical element of compassionate leadership from the perspective of organisational sustainability and success.

I’ve experienced first-hand how we’re often getting this very wrong for people, often unintentionally but sadly not always, and with costs to both the people we’re trying to support, as well as ourselves as colleagues.

It just makes sense to me, not only through my own lived experience, but from examination of the evidence base that we must consider social injustice when looking to understand mental health. It is for this reason that I am excited to be working for Platfform.

When I’m not doing Platfform things I like to be active. I like wheel adventure sports like skating and mountain biking. I also love heading off to the sea for a bit of surfing too.