This module explains what psychological trauma is and the kinds of things that can lead to it, including both one-off events and ongoing stresses – for example discrimination or bullying – in childhood or adulthood.

We will discuss what makes an event or situation traumatic, and the different types of impact that trauma can have on us.

This module will introduce a major new framework developed by psychologists for thinking about trauma and mental health. This approach asks four basic questions:

  • What has happened to you?
  • How did it affect you?
  • What sense did you make of it?
  • What did you have to do to survive?

Learning outcomes

We will consider the ways in which we relate to and connect with others, and the impact on our wellbeing: this is often called our ‘relational health.’ As well as discussing what makes an event or situation traumatic, and how it impacts us. We’ll also think about healing from trauma and what makes it possible:

Relationships and connection

Safety, connection, talking and helping each other

Coping skills

Finding ways of coping with strong emotions.

Your wellbeing

Looking after yourself, including your physical health


When it might be helpful and how to find a therapist

Supporting others

Helping a loved one deal with trauma.

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