In particular, it looks at the vital roles of structure, routine and boundaries , and the importance of opportunities for mutual support and for celebration of the things we’ve done well.

  • A state of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual exhaustion caused by work and other life factors. This can be a particular risk in human service work, where compassion fatigue is often present.
  • The single largest risk factor is the nature of human service work, which involves being with and empathising with people in pain, together with the need or pressure to display or repress particular emotions (sometimes called emotional labour).
  • Burnout is a major contributor to the loss of skilled and experienced employees in human service organisations.

Learning outcomes

We will have a chance to discuss what these might mean in practice in our own situations.

What is burnout?

What does burnout mean and how do burnout employees really affect your organisation? What we need in order to maintain our mental health and enable us to thrive both at work and more generally. Exploring the importance of structure, routine and boundaries, and opportunities for support and celebration.

What contributes to burnout?

We’ll discuss the organisational factors that contribute to burnout, relating them to basic emotional needs such as unrealistic workloads, lack of control, unfairness, no support from colleagues, poor training and inadequate supervision that provides a safe space to reflect on work & its emotional impact.

Preventing burnout

Build and support teams where people thrive instead of burning out: we will discuss ideas for making this happen. We’ll take time to reflect on our own situations, acknowledge their limitations, and consider possibilities for development. We’ll think about techniques for avoiding burnout ourselves, and where staff remain engaged.

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