I’m Kate. I’m the training officer for Platfform Wellbeing.

I am responsible for the delivery of our education wellbeing programmes and mental health workshops, designed for professionals and young people. I am currently facilitating early intervention programmes in education settings across Wales and community groups online. I work alongside students to help raise awareness of mental health support, create safe spaces for engagement, offering coping strategies, practical skills and techniques to encourage better wellbeing.

I am passionate about accessible mental health services and sustainable wellbeing for all. I believe that early intervention and mental health education are incredibly important and that the whole system approach to mental health can be very effective.

The trainer role is innovative, creative and requires a lot of energy. I enjoy connecting with the wider community networking with mental health professionals and being a part of the positive change that Platfform advocates for.

Outside of work, I enjoy sea swimming, long walks in nature, creative writing and listening to live music. I am currently training to be a psychotherapist alongside my trainer role.