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The State of Mind programme provides an inclusive and supportive environment for young people to explore and learn day to day skills to support their wellbeing.

We aim to help young people feel less alone and to realise that we can all experience difficult times in our lives. State of Mind provides young people with skills to help overcome the challenges they face and creates a community of support.

Our approach is trauma informed and works with the understanding that behaviours and emotions, especially difficult ones, are often an understandable response to a challenging situation. We focus on the strengths of young people and the small things we can do every day to support our wellbeing.

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Who is the State of Mind Programme for?

Our 6-week programme is ideal for Primary School years 5 & 6 and all Secondary School pupils looking to promote their emotional health and wellbeing.

The programme helps to build skills for everyday wellbeing among young people, which can also benefit their peers and the wider school community. Tailored topics such as mindfulness, healthy habits, reaching out, nurturing friendships, and goal setting, address the diverse challenges faced.

Co-created with young people in Wales, our content reflects their needs and we have created tools and resources to help them manage their own wellbeing.

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What are the benefits of the State of Mind Programme?

Designed by young people

A programme for young people, co-produced with young people.

Delivered by professionals

Expert, experienced practitioners from the Platfform for Young People Team.

excellent feedback

A tried and tested methodology with excellent feedback.

wellbeing resources

Materials to support the continued wellbeing journey for young people.


We have delivered the programme to over 1,000 young people, with 87% of participants who completed the programme reporting wellbeing improvements.


We use the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale to measure the impact of the programme, alongside qualitative feedback gathered from young people and organisations we have worked with. We offer ongoing support following the programme delivery and opportunities to build on the SOM programme with further training options and resource materials:
Sustainable training

Professional follow up

Compassionate circles follow up at 6 months to check progress.

Compassionate schools

Refresher training

Annual refresher training and updated resources.

Supportive environments

Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring training for young people and framework training for professionals.


Additional resources

Option to purchase additional and supplementary co-produced resources.

strengths focused

Platfform 4YP

Access to the Platfform4yp website with a range of resources for young people.

Expert practitioners

Bespoke sessions

One-off bespoke sessions depending on your needs.

our work

Platfform Wellbeing delivered our 6-week State of Mind wellbeing programme for Ysgol Caer Elen who saw great improvements: 83% reported enhanced overall wellbeing, while 83% gained a deeper understanding of mental health.

Our external facilitators provided a safe space for pupils to connect and share their experiences. With tailored topics covering mindfulness, healthy habits, reaching out and goal-setting, the groups collaborated to find ways of overcoming any challenges they might be experiencing.

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feedback from the course

Young Person

"It's been beyond worthwhile. The help and support offered on this course is so needed by young people. More of these programmes and more peer mentors are needed. The trainers here are fantastic and have helped me each and every week. Thank you SOM."

Teacher at a Secondary School

“I feel that this service has really made a difference to our pupils. The delivery is excellent and the content very accessible for everyone. It manages to open up a discussion about wellbeing and mental health without being intimidating. It is a pleasure working with the team.”

Pastoral Support Lead in a Swansea School

“I feel that we have found an absolute gem in working with Platfform Wellbeing. It has given us as staff supporting the mental health of young people a trusted organisation that we know will work with the young people immediately and to a high standard. No waiting lists, no diagnosis, no excuses. It focuses on empowering the young people to do things for themselves which is so needed – especially at this time.”

Young Person

"Being a part of SOM has been amazing! So educational yet very fun. I'm looking forward to becoming a peer mentor."

Young Person

"Interesting mindfulness techniques and listening to other people's stories. I've learnt that it's better to say that I feel sad and not that I am sad. I now know that being alone and feeling alone are two different things".

Leader of Wellbeing in an NPT School

"86% of Clydach Primary’s year 6 pupils who attended the SOM course said they were “very likely” to recommend it to others. " 77% of Clydach Primary’s year 6 pupils said they were “very likely” or “likely” to use the skills taught going forward.

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Interested in State of Mind?

We don’t try to find something ‘wrong’ with people that needs ‘fixing’ – instead, we listen and work with young people to find new ways to overcome any challenges with their mental health or wellbeing that they may be facing.


We know that all young people have innate strengths, and connecting with these strengths is where our work starts. We believe that every young person is entitled to wellbeing support. As part of our work, we’re providing new ways for schools to nurture their student’s mental health and wellbeing.