This 2-day course is aimed at senior leaders in schools and educational settings, providing them with an understanding of the concept of becoming a trauma and mental health-informed organisation. It explores how senior leaders can support staff undergoing the diploma and subsequently implement trauma-informed strategies and interventions.

Additionally, the course offers an overview of our more in-depth 10-day module, Becoming a Trauma and Mental Health-Informed School.

What are the benefits of being a trauma-informed school or college?

Being a trauma-informed organisation helps students to feel safe, connected, emotionally regulated and ready to learn. The course equips teachers and practitioners with the necessary skills to facilitate this approach, thereby enhancing their own mental health and that of their colleagues.

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Trauma-informed schools and colleges have been shown to experience many beneficial outcomes including:

  • Improved academic achievement and test scores. ​
  • Improved school culture. ​
  • Improved teacher’s sense of satisfaction. ​
  • Improved retention of new teachers. ​
  • Reduction of student behavioural out-burst and referrals to the office. ​
  • Reduction of stress for staff and students. ​
  • Reduction in absences, detentions, and suspensions. ​
  • Reduction in student bullying and harassment. ​
  • Reduction in the need for special education services / classes.
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Ysgol Gyfun Bro Myrddin

“Good opportunities to discuss important issues. Information informative and relevant.”

Carmarthenshire County Council

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it highly informative and relevant. Following on from this course I would really like to extend my knowledge of Trauma Informed Schools by attending the 10 Day diploma course.”

Carmarthenshire County Council

“A very interesting and worthwhile course. Very beneficial for the role that I have in school with our children. Thank you."

Cleddau Reach VCP School

“Lots of strategies that I will share with staff to support pupils.”

Ysgol Bro Teifi

“Very friendly provider. Thank you.”

Pembroke Dock Community School

“A thought-provoking course with lots of useful ideas. Helen had a wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure to listen to her.”

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