Designed for teachers and practitioners who are interested in providing a trauma-informed approach to promote the wellbeing of their students.

“A trauma-informed approach in schools is designed to create a systemic model for schools to decrease the impact of trauma on students” (Weiest-Stevenson & Lee, 2016)

The 10-day course will provide participants with:

  • A comprehensive toolkit of strategies and interventions to be shared with colleagues, enabling them to offer a trauma-informed approach.
  • A clear understanding of how to implement the trauma-informed approach within the school.
  • The ability to effectively communicate the benefits of being a trauma-informed school.
  • Knowledge of how to support staff members with their own mental health and emotional challenges.
  • Practical techniques to provide support to children, young people, parents and staff.

What are the benefits of being a trauma-informed school?

It can help students to feel safe, connected, emotionally regulated and ready to learn. The course will give teachers and practitioners the skills to facilitate this approach and in so doing, help improve their own mental health and those of their colleagues. Beneficial outcomes include:

  • Improved academic achievement and test scores. ​
  • Improved school culture. ​
  • Improved teacher sense of satisfaction. ​
  • Improved retention of new teachers. ​
  • Reduction of student behavioural out-burst and referrals to the office. ​
  • Reduction of stress for staff and students. ​
  • Reduction in absences, detentions, and suspensions. ​
  • Reduction in student bullying and harassment. ​
  • Reduction in the need for special educational services / classes.
mental health aware school


Participants will complete the following assessments: The creation of a central school resource to introduce and provide practical information on being a trauma-informed school and an action plan for its implementation.

Ceredigion Local Authority

“I have really enjoyed attending the training sessions over the last term. Helen is truly a fantastic and inspiring trainer! She is so knowledgeable and brought so much more than the slides to the training - expanding on the topics discussed with asides and information about current research (+ she has a great sense of humour!). I also found the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with others that attended the course very valuable.”

Pembrokeshire County Council

“Thank you Helen for delivering a fantastic, informative and engaging course. Very good balance between presentations, whole group discussion and smaller group discussions. It was clear that the presenter is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the topics discussed during the training. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to continuing to put what we have learnt into practice.”

Ysgol y Castell Primary School

“This course was so interesting and informative. I have learned a lot of useful information and strategies. I am sure that all this will be extremely beneficial to embed in our school environment. Dr Jones is a fabulous presenter, very engaging, sessions were well paced and an abundance of information.”

Pembrokeshire Educational Psychology Service

“Thank you so much Helen, this was great training and I looked forward to our sessions every Wednesday. I will be taking what I have learned and putting into my everyday practice.”

Education sector

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course - gave me a whole different way of looking at things and how to approach different situations.”

Pembroke Dock Community School

“A thought-provoking course with lots of useful ideas. Helen had a wealth of knowledge, and it was a pleasure to listen to her.”

mental health and wellbeing diploma for teachers

Interested in this training?

There is a minimum intake of 12 and a maximum of 15 people per 10-day course. To find out about costs and to discuss and book a programme for your organisation please get in touch.