Hi, I am Gen, a qualified, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered Humanistic-Existential Counsellor.

I work with a variety of challenges, specialising in loss/bereavement, chronic pain, anxiety, and panic attacks. Helping people to find purpose and meaning after a traumatic loss and navigate change.

My multicultural background and my lived experience of adaptation and loss in different countries have helped me gain deeper insight into the ways that people cope with transition, change, and loss. Throughout my life and different careers, I came to understand that purpose and meaning of life continually change.

Working as LSA (supporting children requiring extra support and care) at schools, I understand the challenges that parents and teachers go through, not realising the “burnout”. As a result of my own experiences, my passion is to help others to overcome challenging times, consider new perspectives, develop their full potential, and discover a deeper sense of their purpose and meaning.

I’m interested in hearing about how you experience the world around you, including important relationships and events that have shaped you. I’ll listen carefully and ask gentle, respectful questions in order to discover the strengths and resources you have inside you, working compassionately with the issues that matter to you.