Hello, I’m Andrew. I understand that life can be difficult and sometimes we get ‘stuck’ in some way. Sometimes the reason is obvious, like losing a loved one. Other times we can’t even explain what is wrong, we just feel ‘out of sorts’, anxious, or depressed.

In our time together, my goal is to work with you and your feelings, helping you navigate through your experiences in a safe, confidential space. Together, we can make sense of the ups and downs and work towards a better understanding of yourself.

As a Humanistic Existential (HE) counsellor, I believe in the healing power of relationships—just like the wise Irvin Yalom said, “It is the relationship that heals.” In our therapeutic space, I want you to feel safe, free, and comfortable trying out different choices and ways of being. My approach is to respect your unique personhood, values and experience, with this grounded in our common and vulnerable humanity.

Everyone’s journey is unique and I would be privileged to accompany you along some of yours.

I’m a qualified member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) offering face-to-face sessions in Cardiff or online.