If you’re struggling with something in life, knowing the root of the problem can help you to create long-lasting change.

Therapy can help you explore what you’re feeling now, why you do certain things, and how all this can affect your relationships.

You may not be fully aware of thoughts and memories at the back of your mind. These thoughts might be painful, or they might be holding you back. A therapist can help you to understand these thoughts or memories. It’s like finding a knot in a ball of string – you can then start to untangle all the strands.

Your counsellor will help you to understand and resolve events or challenges from your past. They will focus on your personality, and the reasons behind specific characteristics and difficulties. This will help with creating long-lasting positive change.

At Platfform Wellbeing, we don’t provide counselling that focuses on just this type of therapy. Instead, our counsellors are able to combine it with other therapies when they think this will be useful for you.

How do psychodynamic therapies help?

Sometimes people come to therapy because they feel things are not quite right. Maybe they’re not happy, or not fulfilled, or they feel isolated. They’re trying to find meaning and understanding. They want to make sense of things.

The aim of psychodynamic therapy is to help you understand things at the back of your mind that you might not be aware of. Through this, you identify deep-rooted feelings or memories and understand how they may be affecting you today.

By working through past experiences, people can enjoy more fulfilling relationships, and reach their full potential.