Combining therapies for a unique approach.

Integrative counsellors mix different types of therapy. This means that they can tailor their approach to a specific person and circumstances.

For example, you might want to explore a past experience. An integrative counsellor could use psychodynamic methods to do this. If the experience has led to unhelpful behaviours, the therapist could then use cognitive behavioural therapy to help you set goals and make positive changes.

How can integrative therapy help?

Sometimes, mixing different types of therapy can be more helpful than using just one type. As therapy progresses, an integrative counsellor can use different therapies when needed, to help you move forward.

Generally, integrative counsellors will combine these types of therapy:

Humanistic therapies

These focus on self-development and using personal strengths to grow.

Behavioural therapies

These explore the way you think and the way you behave so that you can make positive changes.

Psychodynamic therapies

These help you understand how your feelings and behaviours are shaped by your past experiences.

Creative therapies

These use art to communicate challenges, feelings and emotions which may be too difficult to talk about.