EMDR therapy helps people process difficult events.

EMDR is often useful for people who have experienced trauma. During EMDR sessions, a therapist directs your eye movements while you think about a specific event.

When traumatic events happen, the body’s ways of coping can be overwhelmed. EMDR therapy helps the body and mind to process traumatic memories. It’s then easier to find ways to manage these memories.

The therapy looks at the past and present parts of a memory, and how it affects worries about the future. You will think about a difficult event, and at the same time do an exercise, like eye movements, hand tapping or hearing musical tones.

How can EMDR therapy support you?

EMDR can be particularly helpful for people who have experienced a traumatic event. This could be something like violence or abuse, a disaster or accident, or neglect.

Psychological distress is often overwhelming. Sometimes the brain can’t process what has happened. Some people remember exact feelings or senses from a difficult event. They might have flashbacks, which can be very distressing.

Some people may block out their memories of a traumatic event to avoid frightening or difficult feelings. This can mean the memories don’t get processed in a helpful way.

EMDR therapy uses brain stimulation to process information. Over time, the traumatic memories can become less strong, and less distressing.

We currently only offer online EMDR counselling sessions