Art activities in a safe environment.

Some emotions may be hard to talk about. These therapies can be help us to express feelings and fears, and let go of them.

The focus is on the process, and not what you make. It’s not about becoming a great artist. It’s about finding meaning and connection.

Types of creative therapies

Art therapy
This uses things like colouring pens, paint, clay or digital media to create art that expresses your feelings or experiences. Your therapist can talk with you about what the art means to you, and how you felt about making it.

Music therapy
Together with your therapist, you might listen to music or use different musical instruments to find ways to communicate and express your feelings.

Drama therapy
In this therapy, you might invent characters, tell stories, improvise scenes, act out physical mimes or use puppets or masks. The therapist will help you find ways to express or resolve difficult feelings or experiences using types of performance.

Sand tray therapy
This uses a sandbox and a collection of miniature figures. You can create scenes that can reflect your person’s worries and struggles. The sandbox helps show your ‘inner world.’ This can help you to be more aware of your thoughts, and help your therapist discuss your thoughts with you.