Training recipients: Practitioners and social workers within the  Flying Start team (A Welsh Government programme supporting families to give children a better start in life).

Motivation for change can be one area where help is needed for a myriad of reasons. Joanna Card, the Parent Support Team Manager, wanted her team to undergo some Motivational Interviewing training as this model complements their existing strengths-based, person-centred, and collaborative approach. It allows the team to help reframe their perspective and try different techniques to support and inspire families while always putting the focus and needs of the parent first.

Joanna’s expectations for learning outcomes were:

  • To strengthen and empower her staff in the MI approach.
  • To provide a consistent approach for new and existing staff e.g. using a common language in supervision.
  • To offer alternative ways of working with families.
  • To have this MI training underpin all their work with families making their interactions meaningful, positive, and lasting.


Two-day Motivation Interviewing training 

Platfform Wellbeing trainer, Viv Mumby delivered a series of Motivation Interviewing sessions to practitioners and social workers from across the Flying Start team over two days. 

These sessions comprised a mixture of embedding the theory of MI using PowerPoint presentations and case studies right through to the practical application of the techniques discussed with engaging role play, group exercises, modelling behaviour, and Q&A.  

A flavour of the training components included:

  • Helping practitioners engage with families in alternative ways that resonate.
  • Providing additional tools and practical techniques to help facilitate this alternative MI approach.
  • Identifying goals, improving reflective listening, and generating change talk.
  • Understanding what stage of change a person is at and helping parents move forward positively.


Kevin Lawrence, Healthy Relationships Social Worker at Flying Start, attended the course and found one beneficial aspect was learning the reframing of language such as “change talk” and “rolling with resistance” which has helped him to step back and place the focus on the parent and to work at their speed.

Key outcomes included:

  • Developing a common language and approach
  • Effective, up-to-date delivery
  • Applying practical and alternative techniques in the field
  • Benefits to both staff and clients

Joanna felt that all her learning outcomes expectations were met, saying,  

“I would definitely recommend training from Platfform Wellbeing, and I have already referred your services to other departments within the Vale of Glamorgan who are looking for refresher training. I am keen to get some bespoke trauma-informed training and will be looking at your courses in this area too”.