Supporting employee communication around mental health and wellbeing

Knowing how and when to offer compassionate and sustainable wellbeing support to employees is a challenge. Spindogs recognised that their teams were struggling to communicate effectively in the aftermath of the pandemic and wanted to invest in embedding a lasting culture of wellbeing.

Spindogs were looking to integrate their employees back into the workplace after the global pandemic. Communication and connection are core drivers of their team dynamics and essential for allowing creativity and productivity to flow.

Claire Farren, Director of Operations explains,

“Our people are at the core of our business and we wanted to learn the best ways to support them, communicate with them and facilitate the best environment to allow that to happen”.

• Needed to reach everyone in the organisation (teams, managers, directors)
• Needed to be delivered through a combination of in-person and remote


Bespoke online and in-person Wellbeing Programme

Platfform Wellbeing designed a bespoke wellbeing programme that addressed the specific needs of all cohorts

  • Staff– introducing mental health and wellbeing to the wider workforce, connecting recent pandemic experiences and challenges to the conversation
  • Managers– developing the skillsets of your leaders, managing change, understanding mental health and taking conversations forward.
  • Directors – connecting the senior leaders of Spindogs to mental health and employment law, risks and approaches along with developing a culture of wellbeing to support future growth plans.


Provided a strong platform for a sustainable wellbeing programme

All staff were able to attend an online session that introduced the importance of mental health and wellbeing support in the workplace. The trainer was able to facilitate a safe space to explore the benefit of talking to colleagues and line managers about how they were feeling.
Spindog’s dedicated Community Coordinator, Amanda Williams leads the company’s wellbeing initiative and describes the benefits experienced by staff:

spindogs case study - Spindogs - Platfform Wellbeing

“We saw a massive positive impact on our employees after the training. We saw more open and honest communication and if staff were struggling, they were more inclined to voice it, knowing there was support around them”.

The training delivered to the manager cohort gave those participating the knowledge and tools to take difficult conversations forward with compassion and confidence. As Creative Manager, Rhys Ashman explains,

“I think the most useful thing that I learnt as a manager was developing and open and comfortable environment for my team to communicate with me and to communicate with their peers”.

The Directors were provided with a face-to-face workshop on how to operate within mental health and employment law and how to do so with a compassionate leadership approach.

Post-training survey data was collated from those attending the courses and provided back to directors as an analysis and staff feedback report. Spindogs were able to use this and the programme content to continue with their wellbeing programme managed by their dedicated community coordinator.