Platfform Wellbeing is celebrating its 5th anniversary since opening its counselling centre in Cardiff. Founded initially as Breathe in 2018, we have undergone a huge transformation expanding our reach to people and organisations across the UK.

What began as a humble counselling service has grown into a team of over 85 dedicated professionals, including counsellors, psychotherapists and workplace wellbeing experts. In response to the increasing demand for face-to-face appointments, an additional premises opened in Swansea last year, supporting the needs of people in the area.

Over the past five years, Platfform Wellbeing has achieved momentous growth, expanding its services and working in various sectors, including small to medium organisations, educational institutions and non-profits. Our range of services now combines counselling services with workplace wellbeing support and training fostering empathy, understanding and connection. Our approach emphasises a longer-term perspective of understanding and managing mental health challenges in a preventative rather than reactive way.

All profits from Platfform Wellbeing services are reinvested back into the Platfform charity to support its mental health and social change community projects.

Christine Hawkins, Head of Talking Therapies says:

“We are incredibly proud to celebrate this significant milestone of five years since its opening as Breathe. Our journey from a modest start in Cardiff to encompassing mental health and wellbeing support joins up with Platfform’s strategic vision for sustainable wellbeing for all.

We are committed to providing the best possible counselling experience and offering safe spaces for individuals seeking mental health support.

Platfform Wellbeing counsellors can work with people facing many kinds of challenges and support a range of mental health difficulties such as depression, grief and anxiety. Professional support can be of significant benefit to people struggling to cope during difficult times.

Combining counselling with workplace wellbeing support is a key aspect of the charity’s mission. This approach provides an evidence-based way of supporting organisations and individuals to create the right leadership and workplace culture ensures everyone has agency, feels valued, supported, is treated fairly, and can thrive.

Platfform Wellbeing’s journey from its beginnings to now is a testament to its dedication in mental health and wellbeing and making a positive impact across the UK. We look forward to continuing its transformative work and working towards sustainable wellbeing for all”.