WHEN: Wednesday 17th July, 11am

Join Platfform Wellbeing’s Lead Counsellors Katie Pledge and Jody Skene as they discuss navigating grief.

Together, they’ll talk about important milestones like anniversaries, as well as experiences such as anticipatory grief, which includes the feelings of mourning and loss before a significant event, such as the death of a loved one. Additionally, there will be a focused conversation on coping with grief after suicide.

Tracey Booth will share her lived experiences, including the unique challenges of bereavement during the pandemic, offering insights into the diverse emotions people can experience like guilt and the ‘what if’s’, and provide practical coping techniques to navigate through grief’s challenges.

They’ll share helpful resources and guidance to support your own wellbeing including where to seek help. Towards the end of our webinar, attendees will have the chance to ask questions to all members of our panel during a dedicated Q&A session.