Listen to an insightful webinar to explore the intricacies of the workplace environment and the challenges it poses for employees, guided by Dr. Sian Edwards, Plattform Wellbeing’s Head of Training and Delivery.

Discover the nuanced dimensions of workplace anxiety, including:

  • Workplace-specific factors heightening vulnerability to anxiety.
  • Distinguishing between debilitative and facilitative anxiety and its impact on workplace productivity.
  • Unveiling the pivotal role of connection, empathy, and psychological safety in fostering a resilient workplace.
  • Unearthing the tangible benefits of prioritising staff wellbeing in enhancing productivity and retention.
  • Gain insights from firsthand experiences as individuals share their personal journeys with anxiety and discuss coping mechanisms that have helped.

Gain insights from first-hand experience as our Commercial Director, Pete Johnson shares his story of living with anxiety and discusses the coping mechanisms that have helped him along the way.

Managing workplace anxiety key takeaways

Pete discusses what is helpful if an employee comes to you who is struggling with their mental health:

“We can fall into a trap of immediately signposting to services that are difficult to access. Being comfortable, being brave enough, to sit with someone in distress doesn’t mean becoming a therapist, it encourages that human connection. Ultimately that is the bit that will make the difference in giving people the space to get regulated and begin to thrive”

Sian talks about what can you do as an organisation:

“Create conditions that allow employees with the resources to cope with demands for a short period and you will create a healthy and happier workforce. Changes in demand and policies can be helpful but most importantly it is relational changes that make the difference”

And finally as Pete rightly said at the end of his presentation:

It’s never too early to have the conversations that you need to have.
It’s never too late to have the conversations that you need to have.