We are super excited to be launching our new series of lunch and learns!

In a safe and supportive space, we will share our knowledge to help you have meaningful conversations about mental health with people at work.

Conversations that matter

At Platfform, we understand that not knowing what to say during certain areas of conversation is a common experience.

This series aims to create a safe space to explore these topics, helping you move past the worry of saying the wrong thing – and start having confidence that your words reflect the intent you have at heart.

Starting on 6th June, Platfform Wellbeing’s Head of Training and Delivery, Dr Sian Edwards will:

  • Explore what is meant by mental health.
  • Tackle common myths about mental ‘illness.’
  • Share our knowledge to help build confidence for having helpful conversations about mental health.

Pay what you can donations

To ensure our sessions are accessible to all, we are offering a “pay what you can” model for attendance. Any donations are greatly appreciated and will help us continue to provide these valuable resources and support services.