Listen to our webinar as Zoe Jefferys, Clinical Psychologist in Training at NHS Wales explored why and how compassionate leadership principles have a crucial role to play in meaningful and effective leadership.

Claire-Marie Heaney, Systemic Practitioner and Head of Relational Practice at Platfform shared stories and reflections from her own experiences of compassionate leadership and the journey of connecting with people authentically.

Ewan Hilton, CEO of Platfform, delved into an open and honest Q&A session about his experiences of fostering compassionate leadership as a CEO within Platfform and his reflections on the opportunities that this approach can bring.

Compassionate Leadership webinar key takeaways

Zoey talked about a joint approach:

We are all responsible for shaping compassionate cultures and building environments that allow people to be open. Being able to have conversations that are clear kind and direct.

Ewan discussed starting to create a sense of belonging and trust:

This isn’t something you can do with two people. Its not formulaic and you don’t go through a workforce development plan. You don’t just train people to be different, you have to be different alongside the people you work with everyday. You’ve got no reason for people to trust you just because you say they can, you’ve got to do it, you’ve got to prove you can be trusted and. Allow it to happen, in whatever messy journey it takes.

Claire Marie speaks about working with teams in developing this approach:

There isn’t a specific go to manual on how to do this. Its how we can be with each other on a human level. A lot of my conversations are about how do we get people to that point and provide the conditions to be authentic.
Compassion is hard because it can be about putting boundaries in place and these are the hard conversations we are having in Platfform. How are we creating environments where people can thrive.