Supporting employee wellbeing at all organisational levels

Deryn experienced staff absences due to mental health difficulties. They managed this challenge in a supportive and inclusive way but it has highlighted that prioritising mental health and wellbeing within the workplace is important.

As a small team, there was often an assumption that staff members could “just ask” or feel comfortable communicating any issues, including those related to mental health, stress, and anxiety. It became evident that this wasn’t necessarily the case, especially when there was a blurred line between work and home life.

Deryn aimed to facilitate a wellbeing event but was unsure where to start. The organisation wanted to convey to the staff that they take employee wellbeing seriously, recognising it as an integral part of their business.

They sought training without the pressure to contribute to discussions that might be personally challenging, given the sensitivity and vulnerability of the topic. Deryn believed that the best approach was to engage an external facilitator who could bring expertise and neutrality to steer a session on identifying stress and anxiety, as well as presenting ideas on developing resilience and coping strategies.


Bespoke wellbeing strategy and training for all levels

Through comprehensive research and analysis, collaboratively understanding the people, objectives, and challenges faced by the business, Platfform Wellbeing designed a personalised wellbeing program that targeted specific requirements:

  • Staff Workshops: allowed staff to contribute to the development of the workplace wellbeing strategy, fostering collaboration in shaping actionable plans. Every team member had the opportunity to play a role in defining the structure of Deryn’s Wellbeing programs.
  • Facilitation of open discussions: The program encouraged open dialogues addressing the root causes of employee stress, acknowledging the interconnected nature of work and home life.
  • Dedicated training sessions: To explore the causes of stress and unhelpful thoughts, implementing strategies to support overall wellbeing.
  • Workplace Counselling: Access to employee counselling offers support during challenging times
  • Measuring outcomes: Actively supporting the implementation of the wellbeing strategy and assessing outcomes to ensure lasting and positive changes.


Nerys Evans, Director at Deryn, shares her experience of working with Platfform Wellbeing.

Nerys Evans - Deryn - Platfform Wellbeing

Session delivery

“Platfform Wellbeing facilitated two ‘Wellbeing in the workplace’ sessions which enabled us to explore the challenges our mental wellbeing faces both in a professional and personal setting”

Actions and Recognition

“We considered coping strategies which provided participants with ideas to build resilience. This culminated in the development of a group workplace wellbeing strategy with staff contributing to build a workable plan. We have since won an industry award to recognise the work in supporting the wellbeing of our staff”

Formalised strategy

“We are now in the process of formalising our Wellbeing strategy and are looking forward to continuing with our partnership with Platfform Wellbeing. We are extremely grateful to Platfform Wellbeing for helping us develop our wellbeing strategy in an open, inclusive and informative way”