In this 30-minute fireside chat with Platfform Wellbeing’s Head of Talking Therapies, Katherine Potter and Lead Counsellor, Tracey Booth discussed coping with Christmas and how it can be a difficult time of year for many.

Over two in five people have felt stressed during the festive season, while about one in four has struggled with anxiety or depression.

They looked at several common themes that can be triggered during the holiday season such as:

  • expectations and stress around Christmas
  • financial anxiety
  • emotions around spending time with family
  • bereavement and missing loved ones
  • loneliness

They provided some advice on how people can support themselves and those around them who may be struggling during this time including how and where they can seek help during the holiday season.

Coping with Christmas Key takeaways

The importance of being kind to yourself and giving yourself permission to do whatever you think is right for you rather than what you think may be expected of you.

“Give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Talk to somebody, be open about how are you are experiencing things. Its ok to not feel happy over Christmas”

Don’t put yourself under pressure to have the perfect Christmas but rather choose to celebrate it, or not, however you feel you should – there is no right answer and you mustn’t feel compelled to feel otherwise.

“If you want to redecorate your kitchen on Christmas Day because that will make you happy then do it!”

“It’s your Christmas, you get to decide what you want to do, how you spend your money, who you spend time with, what it looks like and whats important to you”

Find more information about wellbeing at Christmas along with useful contacts and support networks.