This 2 hour workshop delves deep into the intricacies of workplace challenges, exploring the specific factors within the workplace that contribute to anxiety as well as practical strategies. This training includes:

  • Distinguishing between debilitative and facilitative anxiety and its impact on workplace productivity.
  • Unveiling the pivotal role of connection, empathy, and psychological safety in fostering a resilient workplace.
  • Unearthing the tangible benefits of prioritising staff wellbeing in enhancing productivity and retention.
  • Creating environments where employees feel comfortable discussing mental health
  • Apply practical strategies for managing anxiety in the workplace.

“Create conditions that allow employees with the resources to cope with demands for a short period and you will create a healthy and happier workforce. Changes in demand and policies can be helpful but most importantly it is relational changes that make the difference”

Sian Edwards, Head of Training and Delivery

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