Client Contract

  • The counsellor/therapist will work ethically to BACP guidelines throughout any therapeutic alliance.
  • Contact between client and counsellor/therapist will remain within the boundaries of the therapeutic space.
  • Confidentiality will remain between client and counsellor/therapist other than for counsellor/therapist’s supervision, complying with legal requirements or training purposes.

Client confidentiality will be maintained, subject to the following clauses:

  • If the counsellor/therapist has reason to believe that the client poses any risk to others and particularly to children
  • If the counsellor/therapist has reason to believe that the client’s life may be at risk

In the case of any of the above, wherever possible, the counsellor/therapist will discuss with the client any further action such as involvement of other agencies prior to contact with the appropriate agency.

Clients will be expected to disclose to the counsellor/therapist any involvement with other agencies such as mental health, probation or other counselling or therapists.

  • The counsellor/therapist will explain the particular therapeutic approach taken during therapy.
  • The client is referred to Types of Counselling website page, which explains the many different therapeutic approaches that could be used.
  • Sessions will last for no more than 50 minutes unless otherwise agreed with the client.

There is an initial assessment to ensure you work with a suitable counsellor, there is a charge of £30.00 for the initial assessment and it lasts around 30 minutes. Each individual counselling/therapy session lasts no more than 50 minutes and is charged at: £60.00 per session. Payment should be made in advance through our online payment portal or over the phone by calling: 02920 440 191.

Clients must give at least TWO working day’s notice (48 hours) to the office manager / counsellor / therapist if they cannot attend counselling. Failure to give two working day’s notice of cancellation will result in you being charged the full amount for that session. If you fail to attend two appointments without sufficient reason your counselling/therapy will finish. You are welcome to re-refer if you wish.

Records will be kept open for up to four weeks for clients who want to pause counselling/therapy. After this, clerical records will be destroyed and only digital records will be maintained as described above.

Clients may request to see the notes made by their counsellor/therapist. Such requests must be made through the counsellor/therapist and project manager. Clients may have access to their records, subject to discussion with the counsellor/therapist’s supervisor. We will need two-weeks’ notice for these records to be made available.

Client notes are kept securely under the requirements of the UK General Data Protection Regulation. All counselling is undertaken in accordance with UK Law and any disputes will be subject to UK Law.

It is advisable to avoid non-prescribed drugs and alcohol for a minimum 24 hours prior to sessions.

Clients arriving for sessions whilst under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol may be seen but no counselling work will be done. If the client is clearly intoxicated the session will be cancelled. Clients are not permitted to bring items that could be used as a weapon into the Platfform Wellbeing buildings.

Any problems arising from your therapy should be discussed first with your counsellor/therapist and, if necessary, with the office manager.

You can contact your therapist through the lead counsellor/therapist on 02920 440 191 or