Hi, Iā€™m Helen, a certified Wellbeing Life coach.

I work with people feeling stressed or unhappy. I also have experience working with people living with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, digestive and autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

Using recognised coaching techniques, I listen and gently challenge people in a non-judgemental way. This allows them to explore their goals, and uncover the steps needed to overcome obstacles. Together we tackle negative thoughts that hold people back. They can then make lasting changes that are helpful for achieving their goals.

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and lead a fulfilling life, and has the resources within themself to find their best way forward.

I am qualified through training accredited by the NHS Personalised Care Institute. I have 7 years of experience within the wellbeing industry and a first-class honours degree in Complementary Healthcare.